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Get back on the road with our quick auto glass repair

About Us

You’re out for a pleasant afternoon drive, enjoying the fresh air with your windows down and your radio tuned to your favorite station. Then, suddenly, a pebble appears out of the blue and hits your windshield, forming a small crack. Before long, that crack has nearly tripled in size, making it more difficult to see the road ahead. Instead of having the problem get worse, let High Tech Autoglass handle your windshield repair in Shelburne!

No matter if it’s a simple crack or an entire windshield that needs replacing, we’re equipped to get your vehicle’s glass looking as perfect as the day you bought it. Available 7 days a week – including emergency appointments – we’re able to come to you to provide any auto glass service, whether it be your windshield, windows or sunroof. Looking to bring a little flair to your car by adding tinted windows? Maybe you’d just like a tint for your windshield to keep the sun at bay? We’re equipped to handle the job!

In business since 1991, we bring the experience needed to get your windshield looking as good as new. Don’t let that tiny crack get worse. Call today!


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High-Tech Windshield Services Inc

226 1st Avenue

Shelburne, ON L0N 1S2

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